Thursday, February 16, 2012

30 Bags in 30 Days: Day 25: My bedroom

My room is a mess a lot of the time. Mostly it's laundry, clean laundry, that sits in unfolded piles all over the floor. Some days it appears I live like a disorganized bachelor.
It happened after I had kids. I used to be so neat. Everything had to be "just so".
Another reason for the untidiness, in my bedroom in particular, is that the shevling holding my clothes is just not in a convenient place. So I rearranged a few things (getting rid of 3 bags of stuff in the process) & came up with a different set up. I hope it works. Believe me, the Mr. is crossing his fingers that it does.
30 Bags in 30 Days tally so far: 45 bags


  1. i have just found your blog - i love it!! great set out. Please come and visit me at LissyLou if you get a chance xx

  2. You are not alone. My bedroom is full of clean, unfolded clothes too. Partly because I have no time and he doesn't fold, and partly because there is no where else to put it.


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