Thursday, February 9, 2012

B.F.F. Valentine Heart T-Shirts

 After a long day of coyote hunting, I went to bed & dreamed up this project.
(I love how randomly ideas sometimes hit me.)
This project reminds me of those "Best Friends" necklaces, where you keep one half of the heart & your best pal gets the other half.
In this instance, they are "B.S.F." shirts. (Best Sisters Forever)
I purchased 2 inexpensive Hanes t-shirts on clearance at my local Dollar & Variety store. And then I scrounged through my stash of felt & found some red pieces to use for the hearts.
If you have a new shirt, be sure to pre-wash it before you begin this project.

I pinned a piece of felt to the shirts & used chalk to outline the correct sized heart shape.

You can stitch the hearts directly to the t-shirts, but I like to use Heat-n-Bond AND stitch the hearts on.

Cut your heart out, leaving a space all around the edge. Then, cut out a piece of Heat-n-Bond a tiny bit smaller than the felt piece.

Iron the Heat-n-Bond onto your felt according to the directions.

Now cut out your heart pieces along the chalk lines.

Peel off the Heat-n-Bond paper backing.

Place the hearts onto the shirt & place a cloth over the top. Then, iron on the hearts.

Machine-stitch the hearts onto the shirt.

And that's it!


  1. Adorable! I love that the heart matches up even though the girls aren't the same height. That's the difference between handmade and store-bought. The store-bought version would have the halves at the same height and the girls would have to contort their bodies to make the heart fit together.

  2. Great idea- somehow I don't think my two boys would go for it, but I love it none the less!

  3. I love it, this is so cute. I also love how you made the halves line up, considering the height difference.

  4. I LOVE it! your baby girls are the sweetest. (I love the half heart idea) Thanks for being your crafty self! :)

  5. So cute! I think my daughter would love to make a set for her friend's birthday.

  6. Love it!
    love the way heart goes to merge in complete shape.

  7. I love it!!! I m going to make a set for my 3 year old daughter & me, in her shirt and for me in my jean :) beautiful idea!!!


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