Friday, February 3, 2012

Coffee breath

Yesterday morning I bypassed all the chores that needed done & decided to just craft. I don't get to do that too often since moving to Nebraska. I've said that many times before. But it's true. I suppose my energies have rerouted themselves. Things like writing, photography, & spending more time with my kidlets have taken over. I've been attempting to prepare more homecooked meals every week, find more moments with the Mr., & volunteering in various roles at the church.
So I blogged & crafted to my heart's content while the Mr. dropped the girls off at school & then completed his daily gym routine. When he got home we went on a coffee date. (After he showered, of course.) We try to take advantage of these mini dates at least once a week. We sit & talk quietly in the coffee shop, which is more of a gift shop/floral shop, but there are a couple bistro-style tables with chairs. If they had a couch & played background music, we'd prolly camp out there. (Which is prolly why they don't have a couch or music.) I love that I can walk in & they know my drink of choice. (Let me remind you, I live in a town of barely 1600 people.)
While we sipped our hot drinks, the Mr. & I mapped out ideas for what to do for the girls on Valentines Day. I have my eye on some adorable fox plush animals for sale in th exact shop we sit in. Maybe those & some small boxes of chocolates. My man & I are also trying to figure out where he & I might go on that morning while the girls are still in school, & what trouble we could cause on the afternoon of February 14th. We have a few ideas, which mostly involve coffee in the AM, & lunch at our favorite taco stand-turned-taco restaurant hole-in-the-wall.  (Which means we may end up down the street at Walmart, hand in hand, choosing our favorite antacid.) Such is our love.

I'm cozy on the couch as I write this. We are under a winter storm warning. We were supposed to get snow this morning. But as I look out the window, there's not a spot of white on the ground. It mostly just looks miserably cold. And for whatever reason, I'm in a funky mood where all that I try to bottle up starts eeking out. I'm dreading work this morning. The first part of my Friday mornings at the newspaper involve walking up & down Main Street getting ads. It's not my favorite thing to do. I'm not a good schmoozer. I don't want to be a good schmoozer. And I'm not a fan of rejection. Or awkward business-related niceties. I race through that part of my job so I can find my office chair on wheels & plop in front of my dual-screened computer where I open computer graphics programs & pretend like I know what I'm doing, & dream of someday being a graphics rockstar. Aaah, that's much better.

Today the kids at school get out early so everyone can go to support our high school team at the basketball tournament a few towns over.  Is that small town stuff? It makes me giggle nonetheless. I think the Mr. will take one of the girls. It'll be a long night. So I will most likely stay home with the little one. I'm betting she & I will cook up some cocoa, piled high with marshmallows, & watch a movie of our choosing from

Though I'd much rather stay & chat, it's time to shed the pajama's & put on my winter gear.
Have a lovely Friday.

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    Ah, the small town life. I rather find it romantic, don't you? I think it's funny that your town is 1600 strong and you have that number in followers!! Imagine every person in your town reading your blog!!

    It sounds as if your Friday will be so nice and low key. As for me, my weekend starts tomorrow!! Yayyy



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