Thursday, February 23, 2012

WA: Day 3

I love being "home". Where mom is. I get to lazy around in ways I don't back at my home. Mom takes care of me. Cooks for me. Lets me sleep in. But there's also someone to run errands with, someone else to help with work in the kitchen, & visit over a cup of tea.
Today the agenda included crafting, some more last minute shopping, day #2 of Chinese food for lunch, & a visit from my sis & nephew again. (I put her & mom to work on crafty bits. I won't be able to show you my creative secrets until later!)
I watched American Idol with mom & dad tonight. Though I haven't watched this show in a LONG time, my favorite of the top 24 of this season is Reed Grimm.
After a dinner of grilled bacon cheeseburgers, we enjoyed a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie. (Though not my favorite dessert on the planet, I usually try to never pass up dessert.)
I desperately wish the Mr. & girls could be here with me.

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