Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WA: Day 1

After a lot of anxiety, a tiny bit of turbulence, & a thorough check of my carry-ons due to two pair of scissors making security nervous, I finally made it to Washington to visit my family. Not before a layover in Denver though. (Oh, & scissors are perfectly fine to carry on the airplane as long as the blades are 4" or smaller.) I tootled around Concourse B, knitting some, photographing some, texting some , & eating a DELICIOUS Grilled Cheese Melt at Pour la France. The sandwich was layered with brie, fontina, swiss & mozzarella cheeses, & served with a small Caesar salad. I planted myself in a perfect people watching spot to munch & spy.
When I arrived in Pasco, I got to hug my mom & dad & grandma. (Grandma's 90th birthday is on Sunday, so my visit is slightly intentional.)
We all went out for Chinese food on the way home & had enough leftovers to feed a small village. At mom & dad's house my sister & nephew were waiting for us to arrive. My sister later told me that my 4 year old nephew walked into the empty house & asked, "Where are all the humans?" I got to hug my little man & play Cooties & Hi-Ho-Cherrio & pretty much whatever he wanted to play. Later I had a quick visit from Tia & then mom brought out her homemade scones: lemon thyme with a sweet lemon glaze or cherry almond. (Of course I sampled one of each.)
Before bed I Skyped with the girls, reading to them from Laura Ingalls Wilder's "The Long Winter". Mostly they made faces & hopped around.
I was unbelievably exhausted from a long day of flying & airports.
I fell asleep listening to the wild wind blowing outside.

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