Sunday, February 26, 2012

WA: Day 6

Grandmother attended the early service at her baptist church this morning. And a whole bunch of family went with her. It really was the coolest thing to see my grandma sitting there, in the middle of all her family & friends. I know she must have felt proud.
After the service, we all went to have breakfast at a restaurant. We had a whole big room to ourselves. The kids could run around & be loud, & everyone could visit one last time. After our meal, most of the family left & headed to their homes or to catch flights.
In the evening I got to play cards with grandmother & the few of us left who were bunking there. I really would have been upset if I hadn't gotten some game-playing in.
I can't help but think how exhausted my grandma must be. This is my last night here. Oh, how the days flew by. I'm already getting choked up as I said goodnight to everyone. The knot in my tummy is getting tighter.

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