Monday, February 27, 2012

WA: Day 7

Tears & tears & tears. It seems like everytime I come & visit my family, it gets harder & harder to leave. I hugged & hugged my grandma, & she & I cried.
I told my mom to just drop me at the airport, but she & dad came in & waited until I had to go through security. Oh brother. MORE tears. I miss my mommy & I hate being so far away.
My first flight from Pasco to Denver was mostly spent sleeping. Uncomfortably, but catching some Z's nonetheless. Once in the Denver airport, I quickly headed to the French cafe, Pour la France, so I could grab another one of those Grilled Cheese Melts. I took it upstairs & sat right across from the toy store, where I knew I'd be popping in & grabbing some treats for the girls.
I quickly headed to my concourse & waited for my plane to depart. It was one of those tiny planes. Some call them "puddle jumpers". I call them "my tiny hell". haha! (Especially on this particularly WINDY day!) I really hate flying. But, miraculously there were less bumps on this tiny flight than any other of my flights. I occupied my time taking photos during the 45 minute tour in the sky.
Once I landed, I got inside the airport where my littles were waiting & ran up to hug me.
Sadly, I had to be at work tonight!! Ugh. I went in late though so I could eat dinner out with the fam, & spend a couple more hours with the girls. I got home from work at 1:45 in the AM. I was SOOOOO ready to sleep. And the Mr. let me sleep in until 11 AM. He got the girls ready for school & everything. Sweet man.
I'm so happy to be home! 


  1. I took one of those little planes in Costa Rica on my honeymoon. Private Hell indeed! I get motion sick, and my husband and I both had our eyes closed almost the whole time. Ugh.

  2. Welcome home Whimsy! I'm sure your little ones were so happy to have their mommy home.


  3. I understand the tears. I live in FL, my family lives in CT. I try to fly home 1x a year for a weekend, just myself (because it would be too $$ for my hubby and 6 kids to come). I cry the entire flight home. In fact, I leave my sunglasses on and take the window seat so I can turn my back to the passengers and stewardess. It's so hard leaving family again and again.


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