Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yesterday the Mr. & I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.
I planned the day for us. It was chill & casual & full of togetherness.
I received a special delivery of flowers in the morning. Tulips! Orange & yellow happiness.
We had a coffee date & played the game "Pass the Pigs". Darn it all. I can't beat him at that game.
Then we had a stroll around the grocery store. (Not planned, but a necessary stop. We had to pick up Oreo's you know. We share the day with Oreo's birthday. We turned 13. They turned 100.)
Back at home we pulled out the TV trays & plopped in front of the telly to watch the previous night's "The Voice". (We don't have cable, but enjoy our favorite show by hooking our laptop to the TV, via We munched on enchiladas, & chips with guacamole, while our jaws dropped at some of the battles, especially between Jesse Campbell & Anthony Evans. Wowzers! I even cheered & clapped & screamed when it was all over.

For dessert, we brought a Pepperidge Farm Triple Fudge Cake to the lakes. It was an amazing 70 degrees & gorgeous, even with the wind blowing a little too wildly. After cake, we read letters we had written to each other. It was my most favorite part of the day.

A babysitter arrived in the evening {Pazely: I'm not a "baby"!} so we could go out to dinner. Some friends recommended a restaurant in Alliance, Sam & Louie's Pizzeria. We were NOT disappointed. We ate spinach & artichoke dip for an appetizer, served with toasted garlic bread. The Mr. ordered cheese tortellini, & I ordered a slice of pie with my own toppings: romano & ricotta cheeses, slices of roma tomato, bacon, grilled chicken, pineapple & garlic. It was perfection!!  

We decided we are pretty proud of ourselves for the whole "13" thing.
Happy baker's dozen, Mr.!


  1. sounds like a perfect date! congratulations xx

  2. Sounds wonderful!! Love the letter at the end. I am so going to send that to hubby next year for our 13th :)

  3. The last picture in this post is a card from the "That's all" card series. If not in a local shop, they can be found at
    A portion of the proceeds helps the fight against ovarian cancer.
    (The inside reads: That's all.)
    Some of them make me laugh out loud!

  4. Happy anniversary! I LOVE the text in the card might have to come up w/ something similar since our anniversary is in April.


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