Saturday, March 17, 2012

Candy & Ink

 We slept in this morning.
And then, I got SOOOOO bummed because we headed out to the IMAX theatre
& found out all the shows for the Sharks 3D movie were SOLD OUT. The girls & I were pumped to go see it. I was 5th in line when they put up the "SOLD OUT" for the last showing. Sadness to the max.
The girls & I have never seen an IMAX movie before. Well, my mom said I did when I was younger, at Disneyworld. But I don't remember.
So we headed over to Hollywood Candy to console ourselves.

We munched on lunch at Jackson Street Tavern. We had bruschetta for an app, & then I ordered a Florentine Melt (a chicken sandwich with tomato & an spinach/artichoke spread) with sweet potato fries. (YUM!!!)
And then, spontaneously, the Mr. spotted a tattoo shop next door to where were eating.

 And I was inked, for the first time.
(The Mr. was sweet enough to snap lots of photos for me.)
I got a tattoo from Bryan at Big Brain Tattoos on Jackson Street in Omaha.
I am so giddy about my ampersand tattoo, I cannot even tell you!!!
The Mr. & I think it's funny that it happens to be spring break. And mommy got a tattoo.
We head back home tomorrow.
I think we're going to go to a church service before we head home though.
Seeing as the Mr. preaches most Sundays (& never gets to sit with me), I think it'll be kinda fun to sit together for once.
As I write, the girls are swimming. I have endured this chlorine smell long enough. My eyeballs are stinging out of my head.
Time to head back to the hotel room for movie time!

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  1. Oh, too bad the movie was sold out - but that candy shop looks out of this world!!!! I once ate a sucker that was green apple flavor that had a worm in it. Once I licked to the worm part I stopped -- call me chicken!

    It will be interesting to see if you stop at just one tattoo. I have a lizard on my foot and always thought about the next one.... but never did get another (so far)!



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