Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring break or bust!

The Mr. & I are just about to head out the door to pick the littles up from school for the beginning of spring break vacay. (They'll miss one itty bitty day of school!) We're going to Omaha. We went there last summer. It was lots of fun playing in the big city, & we figured there's lots more to see & do!!!
We are excited to get away for some play time!
As you can see, my "Fun Bag" of stuff to do along the way is jam packed. It seems it's mostly full of flip-flops for the girls & I. And my journal. And yummy yarn & knitting needles & notepads & paper & books & movies for the girls: Coraline, which Zoey has seen & is dying to have, & Happy Feet 2!
And snacks.
I've also packed away tiny little things for the girls to have every hour on the hour of our 8 hour journey. Packs of their OWN gum, tiny Lego figurines, googly eyes (because we plan on doing some eyebombing along the way, etc. Things that will keep them happy & entertained! (You'll have to google eyebombing.)
I'll be blogging our adventures along the way!
And facebooking too! http://facebook.com/whimsylove
We're outtie, like a belly button!

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