Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We heart vacays.

 We shopped.
We swam.
We ate.
We eyebombed.
Do you see that picture with the googly eyes? That's Zoey's first eyebomb! And now I will carry adhesive eyeballs in my purse wherever I go. It makes me giddy thinking of someone looking at that & smiling.
Last summer, the Mr. discovered this shop in Old Market in Omaha. Curbside. He LOVES their tee-shirts. The girls & I popped in with him & were happy to find some lovely handmade items as well. Etsy handmade at that.
And after researching, I found out that Curbside consists of a community of artists. They silkscreen, by hand, onto t-shirts, hoodies, posters, etc. You can visit Curbside HERE. Be sure to check out the ARTIST BIO'S & the ABOUT tab.

 We saw knitted slouch hats (which Zoey chose to wear like a beret!), prints, fun hair accessories & jewelry from Rachel O's on Etsy.
 This is our loot: Zoey chose a tatted yellow cuff bracelet, Pazely & I each picked out a bowtie hair bow, & I HAD to have this yellow tatted heart necklace. Check out her shop HERE.
We also saw some unique wire wrapped jewelry from ashes and cole. It was just plain fun to support handmade artists.
Around the corner was a flower market. Whenever I'm traveling, no matter where I'm at, I swoon at two things: flower markets & bakeries. I don't know why that is. It just is.
 We ate lunch at Upstream Brewing Company for lunch.
There were playing cards all over the ceiling. A magician visits there every Tuesay & Thursday night & "magically" gets the cards up there in his tricks.
When the Mr. & I were dating we played this game called "Who has the longest french fry?" We made it up. And now we play it with the girls. Whenever we're out eating, someone always asks, "Who has the longest french fry?" Whoever has the longest one, wins. Sometimes we hide two fries between our fingers, making them connect, looking like one super duper long fry. To cheat & be silly. We are simple minded. And easy to amuse.

The hotel swimming pool continues to be the girls' favorite activity. But, from the looks of this picture, I think they were in the water too long. The chlorine musta been getting to their little noggins. Those are a pair of goofballs right there. Oh, & Zoey totally got that move from the Mr.
We're hitting the hotel beds a bit early tonight.
The long days of fun combined with little sleep are making cranky monsters of us.
And the light of the laptop is waking up my neighbor.

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