Monday, March 5, 2012

Week in Review: Feb. 27-Mar. 4

Last week I...
...returned home from a trip to Washington.
...was greeted at the airport by 2 munchkins who ran up to hug me.
...napped lots.
...went on a coffee date with the Mr.
...leaped on Leap Day.
...saw The Lorax in 3-D with the fam.
...ate pork tacos at Tacos Mexico.
...packaged orders.
...played video games with my man.
...watched my 9 year old get her ears pierced. stories in the girls' school classrooms.
...did my weekly writing for the newspaper.
...watched Happy Feet for the first time.
...edited tons of photos from my Washington trip. an early birthday prezzie from the Mr.: he ordered tickets for a friend & I to see Wicked in Denver, complete with overnight stay at a hotel. I am SOOOOO stoked!!!!!

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.


  1. Very nice week! Was it the first Happy Feet? Ouch, the ear piercing must have hurt (you). My aunt pierced my ears. First she froze them with ice cubes then stuck a needle through. This was back in the 70s..... haaa


  2. Hi Kay! Yes, the first Happy Feet. Loved it! Now I'm excited to see the 2nd one!


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