Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week in Review: March 12-18

What a super fun week!!!!!!!
The fam & I spent 4 1/2 days in Omah, NE for spring break vacay.
It was pretty much a perfect trip. The weather was awesome. I wore flip-flops almost every day. We didn't have anything planned, we just found something random to do every day. Our trip really wouldn't have been as fun if it hadn't been for my blog friend, Amber, who emailed me all sorts of fun things to do while we were there. (Thanks so much, Amber!! You rock!!!!)

The highlights of the trip for both my girls was getting to go to Hollywood Candy & going on the big slides in Glenn Leahy Mall.
I loved eating out at fun places & getting my first tattoo!
The Mr.'s favorites were yummy restaurants & Old Market/downtown Omaha.

The biggest bummer of the trip was while I was waiting in line to get tickets for the IMAX Sharks 3D movie, they sold out! The girls & I have never seen an IMAX movie & we were TOTALLY pumped up to go. That theater sits 324 for the 3D movie & I was 2 hours early. Not sure what the secret to getting tickets is. Camping out the night before? haha! We decided we would try to find a cool IMAX movie to go to for Pazely's birthday in June.

The day after we got home (yesterday) was so brutal!! I was hoping for a nap all day, but didn't get one. I was non-stop going, going, going: Work in the morning, package up orders, return the rental car, grocery shop (that's an hour & a half round trip drive), pick up the girls from school, help the munchkins with homework, write my column, & head to work again for my 6-midnight shift. I lost count how many times I yawned near the end of my work day. Usually when I get home from that shift, I am wired & have to unwind with some online TV & a cozy sit on the couch. But not last night. I laid my head on the pillow & konked out super fast.

And now, here we are on the first day of spring.
I'm hoping to take the girls for a walk after school today.
Maybe we'll see if we can find tiny glimpses of this new season.
Happy vernal equinox!

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