Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week in Review: March 19-25

Last week I...
...went on a Color Walk with the girls on the first day of spring.
...eyebombed for the first time.
...found out happy birthday happy mail is on its way to me from Argentina!
...made Taco Salad for Family Night dinner.
...watched Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark.
...cleaned the front porch.
...huddled around a fire pit with my youth group.
...went to the library. (Borrowed a DVD of Man vs. Wild TV episodes.)
...helped Zoey make dinner. (She chose burritos & strawberry smoothies from some cookbooks she borrowed at the library.)
...enjoyed a couple days of sunny warm weather!
...enjoyed having Pazely's first sleepover friend for a night.
...wished my sweet mother a happy birthday.
...helped my kids dress up in last year's Halloween costumes for some fun at Storybook Adventures, an event the library put on with games & ice cream & fun.
...went hunting rodents with my friends. (I shot a rodent in the butt.)
...spent HOURS just starting to organize all the tutorials on my blog.
...hiked around beautiful bluffs in my flip-flips.
...faced my fear of heights. (Still afraid of them.)
...hopped with Susan.
...got an early b-day prezzie!
...made bug catcher necklaces.
...shipped orders.

For a photo play-by-play click HERE.


  1. Your weekend sounds loaded! I miss sitting around a campfire with the 'youth group'. When yous say bluffs...makes me wonder if you're in the omaha/council bluffs area? (half of my family lives there!)
    I miss Iowa, Nebraska, and Kansas, where the rest of my family is.
    At least I get to visit this summer!

    Your weekend seems much more productive than mine was!
    What is a colour walk?

  2. I took a class today that invited us to make a new photography project for ourselves. I loved your color walk idea so much that I modified it a bit to make it into a three month long personal photography challenge. :) I hope you don't mind. (I did mention your color walk and linked your blog in my post)


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