Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The birthday continues

Ok, so I'm getting more & more & more & more excited for my Birthday-Denver-Wicked Road Trip this Saturday!!!! Susan & I plan on leaving at 6 AM. Yes, we're nuts. But we want to cram in as many hours of adventure as we can on our overnight trip! (It takes 3 1/2 hours to drive to Denver, CO from Bridgeport, NE.)
I'm packing a bag filled with things like wiggly eyes, tacks, twine & poster board. You know, the usual road trip stuff. In honor of my 37th birthday, we plan to accomplish 37 Random Acts of Kindness along the way. (And wiggly eyes will help us attain that goal.) We're stoked to spread a bit of happiness!!
Now, to just get through this busy week...

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  1. Sounds like FUN is in your future! I can't wait to find out how the wiggly eyes come into play. Best of luck on having some patience to get through the week. Enjoy Wicked and if you can, wear GREEN to the show! ;)


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