Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cream Puff Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday.
And what a crazy busy day it was!
Mostly involving Easter prep.
Though I did make my own birthday dessert, I refused to cook dinner. Which is why the fam & I ate out at a burger joint for the evening meal. Speaking of making my own dessert, I'll show you how simple it was. I made this cream puff tower a few years ago for my nephew's birthday. You can click HERE to see that.
All you need are cream puffs, chocolate chips, powdered sugar (optional) & a platter to put it on.
Simply melt chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl. I nuke it for 20 seconds, stir, nuke again, etc., until it's melty & smooth. Careful you don't overcook it.

Just dip the bottom of each cream puff into the melted chocolate & stack it on the plate. The chocolate acts like a "glue". I only purchased one box of cream puffs, so my "cake" was small. For my family of 4, that's all I needed.
Melt a bit more chocolate & drizzle it atop the cake. Mine didn't really drizzle. It kerplunked. But it all tastes the same!
If you want, sprinkle with powdered sugar & that's it.
Everyone just pulls off a puff (or four) & munches away.


  1. happy birthday and happy easter.)

  2. this sounds fabulous and it looks it too!

  3. happy birthday to you-happy birthday to you! yum yum!

  4. Happy Birthday! We did a similar cake for my daughter a couple of years ago..totally delicious and so easy! Cheers!


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