Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Week in Review: March 26-April 1

Last week I...
...made a pancake brekkie for the girls & their sleepover friend.
...helped judge the writing division of the Nebraska Assemblies of God Fine Arts Festival.
...made meatballs.
...cooked pork roast in the crockpot for 8 hours. (For pulled pork sammies!)
...enjoyed 80 degree weather over the weekend.
...crafted on the porch.
...went bowling with my youth group.
...made sidewalk chalk creations with the girls.
...wasn't fooled. (Didn't pull any pranks, or even receive any on April 1st!)
...watched the girls play their first soccer game, while the Mr. coached.
...decided to cut back on the sweets & late night snacking. (Hardest thing. Ever.)
...cheered & clapped because I think my tattoo is done peeling! (Ew.)
...couldn't stop thinking about how excited I am to go on a road trip with my friend Susan, to Denver (in less than 2 weeks) to see Wicked!!! I had a horrible dream though, that we missed the show because I got the dates mixed up. In my dream, there were ushers inside the theater at each door. I asked the head usher if Susan & I could be ushers for just one night so we could see the show. And he let us! Even though we were at separate doors, dressed in the usher uniform, & had to stand the whole time, she & I still got to see the show together. haha!!

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