Monday, April 23, 2012

Week in Review: April 16-22

Last week I...
...spent 4 days with the girls, without daddy. (He was away for meetings.) more of "The Long Winter" to the girls.
...saw Katy Perry, Helen Mirren & Mr. Feeny, the principal from the show "Boy Meets World". (Celebrity look-alikes in my town.) The things I do for fun, ya know?
...made extreme crafty messes!
...spent a tiring night consoling my little 7 year old with tummy pains.
...ate the last of the homemade granola bars.
...watched "Treasure Buddies" with the girls. (Oh my. The things I do because I love them.)
...edited MASSIVE photos from my Denver trip.
...sipped yummy teas from my friend Eli in Argentina.
...missed the Mr.
...painted Zoey's fingernails & toenails red.
...made this tea-party suitcase.
...went to the lakes with the girls.
...made chocolate chip banana nut muffins.
...ordered prints online. Real live photographs! (Don't know when I did that last.)
...rented the IMAX film "Born to be Wild". SO good!
...spied Johnny Jump-Ups in the yard.
...helped the Mr. plan another creative church service on Sunday.
...made wishes with Pazely. (She brought me some dandelions.)
...listed rings in the shop, just in time for Mother's Day. (*hint, hint*)
...made a yummy pizza with butternut squash, carmelized onions, peaches, feta & arugula. (i love Pinterest for meal-planning!)

For a photo play-by-play, click HERE.

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