Monday, April 9, 2012

Week in Review: April 2-8

Last week I...
...made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. (Man! They're so much tastier than the dough tubes!)
...planned & prepped & fretted & grew anxious over the Easter service at church.
...gave a unique presentation, while tag-teaming with the Pastor Mr., during Easter service. I painted on 8 boxes (inspired by the youtube video "6 boxes", yet making it my own), & in the end ruined my favorite pair of jeans. (haha!) It was an amazing experience that definitely stretched me.
...made meatball subs.
...watched a documentary about the Navy Seals.
...enjoyed a short 4 day weekend/Easter break with the girls.
...went Easter shoe shopping with the girls.
...finally got to open my birthday package from Argentina!
...received loads of happy birthday messages from friends & family.
...went out to eat burgers for birthday dinner.
...made my own birthday dessert.
...dyed Easter eggs with the dumbest spinning dye kit. Hassle of all hassle. "No Mess!"=lies.
...found lollipops all over the yard on my birthday morning.
...watched the girls play soccer - (& win!)
...went on a surprise birthday adventure with my Susan friend. She planned a scavenger hunt for me!!
...drank grape Fanta & ate candy on said birthday adventure.
...had a spontaneous birthday/Easter dinner with friends. (Which included fondue!)
...lead worship at church.
...hid eggs for the girls' traditional nighttime Easter egg hunt.
...watched "We Bought a Zoo". Really liked it.
...went to Walmart on the Friday before Easter. Crazy house.
...saw 5 antelope & 8 turkeys while out on the scavenger hunt adventure.
...felt loved.

For a photo play-by-play, click HERE.

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