Saturday, May 12, 2012

Date Night

 Last evening the Mr. & I had a date night. Woot! Woot! He planned the whole night & it felt awesome to be taken out. You can tell how I feel about him being on his blasted cell phone on part of the 45 minute car ride to our destination. (I'm totally expecting a lot of flack for this photo of the Mr. driving while talking on his cell phone.)
We were headed to Scottsbluff. Where all the action happens. There's a Walmart there. And a Chili's. And a Target. Again: Woot! Woot!
(I brought along my Pandigital Planet to take photos. Which is the poor man's iPad.)

Oh my. I look cute. He looks like Martin Short in the 1991 movie "Pure Luck" in the scene where Martin's character, Eugene, gets stung by a bee. haha! Ok, the Mr. doesn't look THAT severe.

Yes, I am a 6 year old.

Chinese food at The Wonderful House.
My fortune read: Soon, a visitor shall delight you.

And then we were off to the movies where we put our feet on the seats. Ok, just for the picture. (And it wasn't even our feet. Technically it was the back of our legs.) And later on, as we were waiting for the film to start (The Hunger Games), some guy that worked at the theater stormed into the room & started yelling, "Hey! You all need to be quiet! Turn off your cell phones right now! That means you too! (Referring to the Mr.) Hey, you up there! Turn off your cell phone before I take it from you." (Again referring to the Mr.)

Um, OK. There were literally 8 of us in the theater. The movie hadn't even started yet. The PREVIEWS hadn't even started yet. No one was making a ruckus. In fact, the people behind us were all talking about the movie "The Avengers". It was just very odd. I have never been treated that way in a theater before. I have never seen anyone come into a theater & act that way. I felt like a child being reprimanded by an adult.

Well, the Mr. went out into the main lobby of the Carmike Cinema & found the guy. (Two of that guy equaled one of the Mr.) After a few words, the guy apologized, like, 5 times (He should have come into the theater & apologized to the rest of us too!) Seriously, who did that guy think he was? It was just SO WEIRD!

On the dark ride home I watched for deer. (The Mr. drives. I watch for darting deer. That's just what we do.) When we got to the house, it was 10:30 pm. We told the girls they could stay up as late as they wanted. We found Zoey curled up & asleep on the couch, while Pazely had apparently fallen asleep mid-play on the floor. Even the babysitter looked like he was headed for sleepytown.

We carried our babies to bed  (who are 7 &9) & fell asleep ourselves. But not before taking turns in the bathroom. The Chinese food was working its magic. I remember when date nights ended in stolen kisses & long embraces... *sigh*
Next week it's my turn to plan the date. (I'm steering clear of chow mein & crab rangoon.)


  1. What a wonderful photos.

  2. Um, the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car! I thought you lived in Nebraska!! Where the heck was date night?

  3. haha! I saw that too Laurie! It must be because I was using the front camera lens, so it was like a mirror image?

  4. what a wonderful date. funny how the simplest things of going to dinner and movies can become an adventure.

  5. so so cute! yep - it's illegal to talk on the phone here, and as for the movie theatre dude = too much power going to his head me thinks! fun night

  6. Oh the pictures were cracking me up. Your date sounds a lot like our dates. LOL!
    Have a lovely Mother's Day.

  7. This is so nice. Husband & I try to take a date night at least twice a month. It looks like you all had a blast!!

  8. Your pictures are so funny :) I love date night, too. I never thought we could do it without a ton of planning but now our oldest has been babysitting age for almost 1.5 years and it's so much easier. Saturday night we went to a local sports restaurant and bellied up to the bar and watched hockey on tv. Pretty darn fun.

  9. I can see you had a great time. Its always nice to have alone time with our husbands, to talk, eat, cuddle.


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