Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pinterest Project: Altoid Mice

 Today was a day off for moi, so I decided to crank the tunes, make an iced chai latte & create a crafty mess on the dining table. I finally got to make these little mice I have saved on Pinterest. View them by clicking HERE. There's no tutorial, but you can purchase a PDF pattern in mmmcraft's Etsy shop HERE.
I just eyeballed things & made my own. Not as cute, but effective. (I chose to go limbless.) I even made a pillow with a pillowcase.
 I sorta messed up on Zoey's white mouse. That poor little creature has the highest forehead. (I placed the facial features too low.) I tried disguising the vast head space with 2 big red bows. But that didn't work either. Zoey says she loves it. And she is certain hers has a bigger brain than Pazely's. 

I couldn't go to sleep tonight without making Zoey a new mouse. (Even though she said she loved the original one.) I think I have redeemed myself. Phew! Crafty fail averted! The mouse on the right is the new one. And I just realized what the mouse on the left reminds me of.
Have you seen Saturday Night Live "The Lawrence Welk Show" skits? They are my most favorite EVER.
Take a look  HERE.  HAHAHA! I laugh so hard at those.

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  1. Zoey is totally correct! I am certain hers has a bigger brain- has she been watching episodes of "Pinky and the Brain" lately? :0)


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