Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rule #3

Yesterday, after the Mr. & I had our weekly "The Voice" date, (We're addicted to that show!), we headed over to our favorite spot for some coffee (him) & an iced chai latte (me). Oh, & biscotti & a game of "Pass the Pigs". I currently hate that game. I can't beat that guy. And, I will admit, after losing 3 out of 3 games, I chucked those pigs across the coffee shop in a bit of agitation. And then I had to go & find them. (Yes, I'm 5.) 

We extended our date morning by walking to the dollar store. It's actually a "Dollar & Variety" store, which I think is just another way of saying "SOME stuff is a dollar. But not everything. So don't get too excited." (Maybe it's just me that squeals when I see The Dollar Tree.) Zoey, our nine year old, needed a white T-shirt for the end-of-the-year school program. (Which is tonight. She plays a dalmation.) While we were waiting to purchase the shirt, (which was not a dollar), I spied some GINORMOUS party poppers. Have you seen the small ones, usually out around Independence Day? HERE'S a cool picture of one in action. They are only about 2 inches tall. 2 1/2 inches, most. Well, the ones I found yesterday were 3 FEET + 3 INCHES TALL! We bought 4 of them.

And, though we haven't popped them yet, I had fun looking at the directions, warnings & instructions. Or rather, the "Use Brief" & "Attention". (MADE IN CHINA)

RULE #3:
Do not attack people.
It's not even rule #1. haha! 
Rule #1 is: "In outdoor windy weather, please choose the right direction." 
What does that even mean?

I was happy to find out that this product contains:
No pollution.

No gunpowder.

No unpleasant flavor.
You know, in case I get the urge to shove a bunch of paper streamers & confetti in my mouth.
But, who knows? 
Maybe there are tiny little cookies inside. 
I'll let you know.

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  1. I love Chinglish. Having lived in China, it's always fun to see it again!


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