Friday, May 25, 2012

A short piece of bent wire.

My 7 year old is currently obsessed with the stapler. And, more specifically, obsessed with making books with the stapler. She simply cuts pictures from magazines & reassembles them on lined notebook paper in themes such as "Animals", "Wildlife", & "Dogs". She even has an alphabet book where she basically traced the shape of each of the 26 letters in staples.
It's my favorite.

Do I think she is using a lot of staples? Yes.
Did I offer her the use of my glue sticks? Yes.
Will I be the mom that tells her she is using a lot of staples? No.
Will I quickly hush her older sister when her older sister starts to yell, "Pazely! You're using too many staples!!!!" Yes.

I love hearing the crunch-crunch-crunching sound of the stapler coming from her bedroom as she sits on the floor & makes books. And when she hears me rustling about in the dining room, she brings out all her supplies & creates beside me.

I'm currently on a mad hunt for more magazines.
Oh yeah...& I need more staples.


  1. Oh Nikki, you are a wonderful mom! Your daughter is VERY clever -- she's making her own pinterest boards!!! ;-)


  2. You can get magazines for really cheap at the friends of the library book sale. Ours sells magazines for 10 cents. Perfect for projects!

  3. A publisher is born! My girls used enough sticky tape to wrap my house at least twice. Happy stapling! X Roberta

  4. Sounds like she needs one of those staplers with the extra long arm for reaching to the middle of the page.


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