Thursday, May 24, 2012

Space Module

A few days ago Zoey brought home this giant space module project her class has been working on. 
Let me rephrase that: I helped Zoey drag this giant double oven range box from her classroom, out of the school building, & down the street (stopping to take breaks along the way), where I proceeded to shove the blasted thing into the side of my van. Mumbling half the way, biting my tongue on the other parts & getting rather hot & sweaty the whole while. 
Houston, "problem" is an understatement.

I was half expecting that we'd have to ride home with the van door open & floppy bits of cardboard hanging out. But somehow I managed to successfully give it one last healthy push, & the stupid thing budged into place.

She was one of the few kids that had put her name "in the hat" to win one of 3 giant boxes. The odds were in her favor.
After our trip home, the box had its share of wear & tear. That's for sure. Especially after the Mr. & I wrestled it out of the van, through the garage, up the stairs, into the kitchen, around the hallway & inside our nine year old's narrow bedroom door. Zoey propped it in a corner & proceeded to spend the next hour inside the box. 

I should have been more softhearted with her about this whole box thing.
Who would have ever thought that a space module could make me feel so irked? 
I could never work for NASA.


  1. You're a good mama Nikki!

    I forgot until I read this post that I "won" some kind of giant (read: awful class project) box thing when I was in second or third grade through a similar lottery - but I got to drag mine home on the bus!! LOL : )

    Have a great memorial day weekend!

  2. I let my T (boy-6) look though the emails from your blog with me, he loves the pics and updates and since I've been with you since he was like 2 he feels like he has grown up with you girls, lol..
    Anyhow he now is asking us to find him a new box!
    I finally got rid of the old box from last Christmas, it wouldn't even stand up anymore. So now I'll be finding him a "space ship" for the summer break.
    I know he will spend a lot of fun time in there, so it'll be worth borrowing his dads truck and heading to lows or where ever it is I'll find the box, lol.. Maybe I'll just send daddy in my place :)
    I would say thank you for the idea, but I'll wait to see how the hunt goes, lol!!
    Hope you all have a great weekend


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