Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 4: Glow Bath

 I gave the girls three options of what we could do today & they both jumped on THIS idea I found via Pinterest. 
I purchased a BUNCH of glow sticks at the dollar store a long time ago---before Independence Day they sell a lot of 'em. (Which would be right about now.) I found 15 glow sticks in a tube---for only a buck. I love sweet deals. Tonight we used up the last of them for our space age tub experience. The girls thought to add bubbles to the bath too.
Because bubbles make everything better.

(Pazely & I stood on the edge of the bathtub to get this shot. I love how she's curling her toes. haha!)


  1. Oh I love this idea! We are going to copy you on this. Samantha wants to do this tomorrow!!

  2. I am loving your summer diaries so far! I added your button to my blog!

    You're such a fun mama!


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