Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 6: Beachy Fun

 We headed to the Bridgeport State Recreation Area for some beachy sandcastle fun today with some friends. The grownups built the big sandcastle. We are rather proud of that ugly thing. It has a moat, a bridge AND a drawbridge. Plus, windows & doors that make it look like it has a face (not on purpose), complete with hat (not on purpose), & an odd little flag made with loops of grass tied to a branch.

The kids hopped around building their own structures & burying each other in the sand.
 Below is one of the kids' sand creations, complete with wood sculpture. They dug a hole & buried that large charred piece of wood into the sand. They said it's the "flag" of their castle.

 It was a very relaxing day. And, surprisingly, nobody else was on the beach. We drank our cool drinks, munched on beef jerky, wasabi almonds, sugary chex-mix, & salty sunflower seeds, in between building sandy awesome things & snapping photos.

 P.S. Thanks to my friend, Randy, for giving the muskrat a proper burial.

You can check out the rest of our pictures in my 2012 Summer Diary album on Flickr, by clicking HERE.

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