Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week in Review: May 21-27

Last week...
...Zoey's little salamander tadpole died.
...I worked out at the gym with the Mr. for the first time ever.
...I sent my sister a birthday prezzie.
...the Mr. & I spent 7 hours in the sun watching the girls for their elementary Track & Field day. 
...I got sunburned after spending said 7 hours in the sun.
...I borrowed Zoey's cupcake lunch box.
...I helped chaperone Pazely & her 2nd grade class on their field trip.
...the Mr. finalized a mini-mini 4-day-vacay for the fam to Lincoln in a week & a half!!
...I had brekkie at the diner with the Mr. & my friend Pedro. It was his birthday, so I brought a candle, lit it & stuck it in his burrito.
...finally shot off two of THESE bad boys. (To celebrate the last day of school.)
...I watched "Lady & the Tramp" with the girls.
...someone surprised the fam & I with homemade cabbage burgers. YUM!
...I attended a baptism at the lakes for one of the young adults in our church. A happy day!
...I ate a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich.
...I began the 2012 Summer Diary series!!
...I rode a school bus.
...I bought yellow fingernail polish.

Click HERE for a photo play-by-play.

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