Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 32: Free Online Books

I LOVE this site I recently discovered via Pinterest!
We Give Books has hundreds of FREE books for children to read online.
After the fam returned home early this evening from a day trip to North Platte, NE, we rummaged through the fridge for each of our dinner concoction of choice & then I read books to the girls from We Give Books. 
(I love that story "Goodnight iPad"!)
I've caught Zoey sitting at the computer reading for about an hour straight on that site.
How much do I love that?
Like, a lot.
(Any other online digital book resources I should know about? Please do share!)

109 degrees
 Oh, & here's another crappy animated GIF from our day in North Platte. It got up to 109 degrees people!!!! We found a park with some water stuff to play in. I jumped right in with the kids. Only adult to do so, I might add. (What were those sweaty large humans doing just standing there anyway?) One feature amongst the water spigots & spouts & sprays was a giant pail that fills with water & eventually dumps to the ground below. Well, I stood under it with Zoey. (See me clutching her tightly?) As soon as the water hit me I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs. HAHA!!! It felt so good.
When it was time to go the kids were asking "Where's our towels?"
I answered, "We don't have any. Now get in the car."
With our wet clothes to keep us cool, we all climbed back in the car & drove the 3 hour trip back home.
Don't you just love spontaneous fun??

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