Monday, June 11, 2012

Knitted Postcard #15

The Mr. & Zoey left this morning for summer camp. (Zoey's first camp!) The Mr. will be helping with the 8th-10th grade youth camp. I think his role is "Security". He asked for a taser & a badge, but last I knew, he hadn't heard if his request had been granted.

Pazely & I dropped some mail at the post office this morning, which included this knitted postcard for my little camper. Pazely also wrote a letter to her sister, which gave advice such as: "Don't spend your money on a lot of shugery things." And: "Hope you don't get any ticks in your hair."

Little Pazely & I will be kickin' it for the next 5 days. She'll be my cuddle buddy, my Summer Diary partner, my  little helper around the house.
She's currently napping. 
And you wonder why this is the 3rd blog post in one day...

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  1. OMG, that knitted postcard is TOO cute! I can't knit but I may have to copy the design in paper or fabric form to send to my son at scout camp next week! thanks for the inspiration!


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