Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 10: Optical Illusion Handprints

When I spied THIS image on Pinterest, I knew I had to try it.
I grabbed some markers & cardstock & got to drawing.
All you have to do is simply trace your hand, lightly, with a pencil.  And then with a marker, draw a straight line until you get to the hand. Make a curve from one line to the next, then continue the straight line.
As noted in Zoey's diary entry, she & Pazely weren't very into it. This is how far Pazely got:

This is the extent of Zoey's progress:

Pazely did make some heart drawings though. I think if they would have stuck with just one color in their originial handprint drawings, they wouldn't have been so overwhelmed.

But I had fun!!!!


  1. Very cool! I must try this!
    Sure my boys would want nothing to do with it though- :( (they have just barely tolerated the craft projects I have so cruely set before them in the past- and they have ME for a mother!It's almost like they can't completely be my children!) ;)

  2. This is terrific....will have to try it soon. Well done to your girls for sticking it out even for just a little.

  3. I love this! It looks so easy, but sooo cool! We will try it this summer too.

    Just got back from a road trip to Yellowstone. Kids played the "license plate game" and got 40+ out of 50 states.


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