Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 12: Family Silliness

We're having a good time in Lincoln!
On our 6 hour ride from home to here, we found 25 of the 50 states in the license plate game.
The girls kept pretty busy with yesterday's printable game sheets I gathered for them. Pazely also got creative & found her own way of keeping busy too.
Oh, & random: The Mr. saw a hitchhiker holding a sign that said, "Won't kill you".

While we're gone, I haven't planned anything crafty or purposefully creative for our daily "summer fun" ideas. I just figure that all the adventures we're having substitute any fun I could have planned.
But I'll share our family fun tonight, & hopefully inspire you to plan some silliness with your family.

For dinner, we walked across the street to Burger King. But, before that, we had to take the elevator down to the street level. A game of  "tag" broke out. Have you ever played tag in an elevator? You should. It's hilarious! And the game continued all the way across the street until we ordered our food.

While eating, we played a game called "Favorites". Everybody names their favorite: food, dessert, vacation spot, song, book, movie, toy, game, color, etc. It's really fun & you might actually learn some things about each other.

While munching on desserts, we commenced silly-face-makin'. 
If you must see mine, click HERE.

Tomorrow morning we're heading over to play at an indoor playground, then off to the National Museum of Roller Skating in the afternoon, & in the evening we'll attempt the Planetarium. A jam-packed final day here for sure!

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