Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 14: Jellybean Bracelets

Today Pazely & I crafted up some yummy bracelets while Zoey & her dad returned the rental car to the airport. I haven't even unpacked our bags from the Lincoln road trip we just got home from. An hour-&-a-half after pulling into the driveway & there's already a crafty mess on the dining table? I can't help it.
(I was hoping to get this project done before we WENT on our road trip, because I thought it'd be fun to have while in the car. But that didn't happen.)

I'm not sure why jellybeans are most popular around "easter" & "spring". It's a year-round candy confection & we love 'em in the WhiMSy love house.

 I saw this idea in Family Fun.

 We strung our jellybeans onto the elastic & it WAS a sticky mess. But frequently wiping the needle with a wet paper towel does help a bit.
First, we tried to poke holes into the jellybeans with a tack, thinking that would help the jellybean to slide onto the needle more easily. But it didn't really help. And Pazely (who is 7), handled the blunt tapestry needle just fine, without injury. There was a tiny bit of cracking in the jellybeans. Not sure if a sharp needle would prevent this. The cracking wasn't a big deal to us though. Only once did Pazely have a jellybean actually break while she was threading it.

 Pazely decided to make a bracelet that was big enough to fit around her neck. 
I told her that was called "a necklace".
And then she decided a ring would be cool too. 
In this picture she is saying "Ooooooh!" like a prissy little lady.

After deciding against the neck bracelet, she tried hypnotizing herself with a strand of jellybeans instead.
(While munching on jellybeans it appears.)

And then she showed me her colorful candy smile.

When her bracelet was complete, she said aloud the pattern of her candy colors. And I patiently listened to each one. And it wasn't really a pattern. But I still listened.

(For fun, to mix & make your own gourmet jellybean combos, click HERE for Gimbal's recipes.)

And then she showed me her muscles, while wearing her bracelet.

And then she ate some of her sweet bling. Her favorite flavor, she told me, is superfruit fusion. (It's dark blue with light blue flecks.) My favorite flavors are watermelon, perfectly pear, & spicy cinnamon. (But not all together.)

And then we saw a bunny.

And after Pazely chased the bunny, she said we should hold hands.
So we did.

I love crafting with that kid.


  1. hey, that looks like fun! I love jelly beans, too, just not that easy to get them over here in Germany.
    I love that last picture, where you're holding hands.
    I wish you a lot of fun for the next days :)

  2. I so enjoy your little free spirited one! I worked for YWAM in Paisley in Scotland :)
    They were famous for the Paisley shawl, I think the pattern was named after the place. So to me, your Pazley is pretty famous!

  3. Haha, her prissy lady look is classic :) What a fun summer craft! Thanks for sharing your ideas!!


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