Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 16: Foil Dinners

Ok, so this wasn't a super fun thing for the kids to do.
But it's one of those meals, which I love, where the kids get to pick their own toppings.
(I've posted about foil dinners before, HERE.)

Hamburger patties are our meat of choice, but you can use any meat you want.
For veggies this time, I cut up potatoes, onions, carrots, & opened a can of green beans.
After placing our veggies of choice onto a large sheet of  foil, I added a seasoned patty to the top, & then plopped a big dollop of cream of chicken soup over that. (The order of these things doesn't matter.)

Make sure to fold the foil super tight so none of the juices get out. We labeled our names on them with a Sharpie. Any extra foil packets get silly non-family member names like "Earl" or "Bubba". (No offense to any Earl's or Bubba's out there. I once met a waiter, down south, who worked at a Cracker Barrel named Bubba. Nice guy.)

I decided to keep the heat outdoors & grilled the foil packets, over medium heat, on the BBQ.
I cooked them for about 40 minutes, turning over halfway through, but the burgers were a bit too cooked.
So, I would suggest 35 minutes. But, it all depends on how hot your grill gets, how thick your patties are (ours were pretty thick), etc.

The veggies had a perfectly grilled taste, they were delicious! Sorry, no "after" pictures. We gobbled them up pretty quick. I seriously love these. They are perfection, wrapped up in a reflective pouf. 

I hadn't heard this terminology before, but a friend told me he made a similar version of these in Boy Scouts, except they were called Silver Turtles. That sounds much more creative than Foil Dinners.


  1. Oh, I would have thought that was fun too. Some people can just have fun doing ANYTHING! I should have seen this before making last night's salmon. That would be yummy in a foil packet.

  2. We call them hobo dinners! Because if you make them while you're camping you can just throw them in the coals of the fire...and they contain a ton of scraps like hobos are likely to find. ;) I think that sounds more fun than foil dinners...or silver turtles!

  3. Back in the day, our girl scout group did these, too! We called them hobo dinners.

  4. Ok Lissa, you crack me up: "...and they contain a ton of scraps like hobos are likely to find." HAHA!


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