Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 19: Library Reading Program

I am a big supporter of the kid's Summer Library Reading Program.
This year's theme is Dream Big—READ!
There are stories to be read, crafts to be made, snacks to be munched, prizes to be won & other activities to partake in! Go to your library & check it out!

Today, Pazely & I drove 15 miles down the road to the small town of Broadwater, population: 140.
I was asked to read to the kids during story time.
I brought along my voices & tried to be as animated as I could, although I should have chosen stories with more "speaking" parts.
It was a lot of fun anyway! (And I've invited myself back to read again next week. Wheee!!)

A couple, by the name of James & Elizabeth Kulacz brought some stringed instruments & played them for the children too. More specifically, Elizabeth played the Pakistani lap harp & German bowed psaltery, & James played the Irish chromatic hammered dulcimer. It was really cool to see them play!

Tomorrow the little one & I are excited to attend the summer reading program at our own local library.
So, we're totally like library crashers.

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