Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 20: Painted Cross-stitch Banners

Pazely & I decided to make a "Welcome Home" banner for the return of the other half of our fam. 
All the cross-stitch artwork I keep seeing is what inspired me on this project.
I had materials left over from the banner I made for my grandmother's 90th birthday party.
Basically, just cut triangles for each letter of the word you want to spell out. And then punch a hole in the top
corners. (Click HERE for a handy tip on getting 5 triangles out of a 12" x 12" piece of paper.)

I found a resource online that contains lots of free patterns for cross-stitch alphabet letters. The site is called Free Patterns Online.
I chose Alphabet #5.
I used a white colored pencil (which worked great against the dark grey cardstock) to pencil in the pattern.

Pazely used acrylic paint in canary yellow, & a flat paintbrush, to cover my pencil marks.
My 7 year old did a GREAT job!! She was so proud when she realized that SHE made the banner. 

I have arrived at one conclusion when it comes to banners or bunting or any other sort of decoration on a string: they are very difficult to photograph. But maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just my own personal challenge.

I used this same technique on felt. I cut out rectangles of felt, painted the letters using acrylic paint, cut slits in the top two corners of each letter & strung yarn through for hanging. 


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