Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 24: Monster Pet Rocks

Got the idea HERE. Original idea from The Cocoa Bean blog.

Find some rocks. Wash them.
(Or, if you're like my girls, you'll stuff loads of pebbles in your shirt & fill the sink with bubbles aplenty.)

We set them outside to dry. (It was SUPER hot today, so the rocks dried in a jiffy!)
Zoey & I opted to spray paint our rocks, while Pazely used a brush & some acrylic paint.
After the base coat was dry, we addedd a mouth, nostrils, teeth, etc. (or not), & then hot glued a googly eye or two. (Or more if you want!)

These are Pazely's monster pet rock creations:

And these are Zoey's:



  1. great idea, your monster collection is fantastic! :) love it!

  2. Hee hee how fun! This is definitely on my summer list!

    Love all of your little monsters btw. :D


  3. what fun! I can hardly wait until Matilda is old enough to do fun crafty things!!!!


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