Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 26: Watch TV

We are not a regular "TV" family. So, maybe this isn't the best (or most exciting) summer fun idea for those of you who are regulars on the television watching circuit.
We plug our laptop into the TV to tune into our favorite shows every once in a while, via or, etc.  And it's fun when we find a show that we can sit down to as a family. Pazely & I recently became slightly hooked on the show "Duets". (We can't wait for the return of "Once Upon a Time"!) It's just something to look forward to every week. A cuddle on the couch, chillin' as a fam. Nothing to suck us in for hours upon hours. But just a blip of comfy stillness in our week. All gathered together on our favorite place: the giant purple couch.

Oh, & P.S.–Happy First Day of Summer!

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