Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 30: Free Pass

The day started out with a tired me. Up late the night before. With heartburn. Oh man, when I get heartburn, I get it bad. Horribly bad. And on that particular evening, I happened to have a very unpleasant tussle with that burning heart. Which reminds me, I need to purchase more baking soda.

After shower #1, I headed next door to church for breakfast & service. Despite being consumed by the delicious French Toast & scrambled eggs-n-ham, I immediately noticed how very warm it was. Not only was the air conditioning seemingly ineffective, but one of the ceiling fans had a broken fan blade. (Turning the switch to "on" produced a wonky & dangerously wobbly distraction. So it was safely kept "off".) To stay as cool as possible I fanned myself with the current issue of "Evangel" during the whole service. It reminded me of attending Church of God in Christ services so long ago. I was always the only "white" girl, & that's where I learned to use a fan in church. 
This morning's hot service drained the life out of me. While the Mr. preached, I fanned. I took turns fanning the girls as well. They would lay their heads on me, wanting to be close. But I had to gently refuse their cuddles. Too hot for snuggles!

After service, I walked home. As luck would have it, the air conditioning at the house was also on the fritz. Or at least acting temporarily bratty. It remained 84 degrees (inside!) for most of the afternoon. I shooed the girls downstairs to play in the cool basement. While they watched "Smurfs" for the 3rd time this weekend, I opened the door to the storage room & decided now was as good a time as any to purge that messy space. Three bags of trash & six bags of donations later, the room was almost done. I had to call it quits before it was complete though. The heartburn was returning. And I was beginning to perspire. The Mr. encouraged me to cool down. I took shower #2.

I talked the girls into heading outside in their swimsuits. They cooled off on the porch, in the kiddie/baby pool I filled up with water the day before. They squealed as I scooped out bugs & debris, & tried running away as I attempted to spray their little limbs with SPF 50.

I lazily walked inside to my bedroom, ceiling fan {glorious ceiling fan} whirling a million miles an hour. It felt amazing & breezy. I propped myself up to knit. (Yarn graffiti in the making.)

The day was quickly passing by. And then I realized that the cheap plastic pool on the porch, filled with water & giggling girls was about as good as it was going to get for any sort of activity as part of the 2012 Summer Diary.
I was tired, hot & unimaginative. I just couldn't muster up any creativeness on this afternoon.

I should give myself a free pass every once in a while. 
Like today.

As late evening approached, I took a walk with my Susan friend. It was 83 degrees outside. We walked for almost an hour, having winded conversations & being entertained by the lightning show in the sky. I ate three  bugs, was sprinkled on by seven raindrops, & drank my whole bottle of water. 
The humid, hot air outside was just plain "icky"!
I returned home & took shower #3.
The girls, asleep in their daddy's oversized t-shirts, opted for no covers, sheets pushed down to their feet, hopefully dreaming about something frosty & frigid.

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