Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 33: Snack Wars!

Every Wednesday in the month of June the Mr. & I have been planning something fun for our church youth & kids. (And, of course, all of their friends!) We called it JUNE WARS. The final war was last night: Snack Wars! I planned several games, all themed around snacks or junk food. We had about 20 students gathered for some messy foody fun! (And, boy, was it hilarious buying all the junk food at the store. I'm sure the cashier thought, "This girl needs an intervention.")

Pizza Eating Contest

A local convenience store, Ampride, donated 4 personal cheese pizzas.
And 4 fellas, ready for speedy eating, stepped right up for the challenge.
Whoever ate the whole pizza first was the winner.
Slow & steady, indeed, won the race.

m&m Game

We've played this game with our youth group before & it's a fun race.
The game requires at least 2 teams of 6 players. You can have as many teams of 6 as you want though. Each person on the team is given a color---one of the colors of an m&m. On "GO!", the first person on the team has to eat all the m&m's of their color. (I placed colored construction paper in front of the players, so they'd remember which color was there's.)

After they eat all their m&m's, they pass it to their next team member who has to eat their own color. And on down the line. It's quite hilarious to see the kids with their chipmunk cheeks full of m&m's, trying their darndest to eat 'em fast!

Speedy Spaghettio Spelling Game

I formed teams of 2 people & set them at tables with plenty of space. On "GO!", the teams dumped their can of spaghettio's on the table & tried spelling as many words as they could. (The Mr. & my friend Randy ended up rinsing the spaghettio's out in a strainer before the contest started. Silly boys. I wouldn't have minded the messy sauce, but oh well.) I gave them 3 minutes. Each word point was based on how many letters they used: 3 letter words=3 points, 4 letter words=4 points, etc. You can add bonus points if they spell a certain word too.
(And, of course, no naughty words allowed.)

Donut on a String Game

Tie donuts on a string & hang them from a long pole or stick.
We recently played this one at youth group, but I switched things up this time, by adding chocolate syrup to the donuts. What messy fun!! Whoever can eat their donut from the string the fastest---without letting it fall to the ground--- is the winner. If it falls, they can't pick it up.

Gummy Bear Rescue

This was my favorite game of the night! I have heard of this game done with gummy worms, but I thought gummy bears would be more challenging. (Plus, you get more bears in a package then you do worms. I'm just sayin'.) Basically, fill a kiddie pool with water, sprinkle in some gummy bears, & on "GO!", the contestants have to dunk their head & get out as many gummy bears as they can. I set the timer for 3 minutes. Fourteen bears was the highest number one player retrieved.

Cheeto Toss

This was the messiest game of the night, so I saved it for last.
Everyone finds a partner & faces them, standing about 7 or 8 feet away from each other. One partner gets whip cream all over their face. The other partner gets a bowl full of cheeto balls. The cheetos get thrown at the whip creamed face & whoever can get the most to stick, wins! I didn't set a time limit. Once your cheetos were gone, you were done. You can play this with shaving cream instead. But maybe use goggles so it doesn't get in the eyes.

I have no clue who won this game. Everyone was laughing & having a silly time & we didn't even really end up counting.

Pickle Spitting Contest
I didn't have time for this game, but it would have been a fun one. Think of the "watermelon seed spitting" game, only this is using pickles. Whoever spits their pickle the farthest is the winner!


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