Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 34: Paper Plate Box

I saw these paper plate boxes HERE, & followed the link to the blog sarah hearts. Sarah made hers using washi tape. (I've never used that stuff, but it's EVERYWHERE in craft world!) Sarah even shares a video tutorial on how to make these.
Martha Stewart makes the same project using rubber bands.
And I made mine using torn strips of fabric or ribbon.
(After the plate was all cut & sliced, I punched 8 holes--2 on each side--& weaved the strips of fabric in & out. I tied off the two ends in a bow.)

The girls & I put some snacks inside. 
Pazely opted for the sugary, Zoey chose the sweet. 


  1. Those are so cute!

    PS. Got the Mod Podge Rocks book today. TY! Where on earth did you get your adorable owlie stamp? Love it!

    1. Thanks! I honestly can't remember where i got the owl stamp. I've been gifted with a lot of woodland themed stamps (which i'm always so giddy about!) So it could have been a prezzie. If i find out i'll let you know. I DO know it is a flat silicone stamp (is that the terminology?) & it came with several other stamps on a plastic sheet.

  2. These are really cute, but what I really wanted to say is that the picture of Zoey makes her look so grown up. Wow!

  3. Zoey loves to pose! It's her "I'm sweet yet sophisticated" look. (She'll be 10 in September! Double digits? Yikes.)

  4. I loved your version of this box. I created a blog post with an instruction sheet "Sharing the Bounty". I think that this box can be used to share the abundance of summer fruit that we have.

  5. I love the simplicity of this project, and yours look great with the fabric strips! Thanks for sharing!


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