Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 36: Indoor Camping

Today was Pazely's birthday. She is officially an eight year old.
She & her sister woke up at 6AM this morning! And then they woke the Mr. & I up at 7:30—so Pazely could open her presents!! WHAT?! Did they not get the memo? This is summer! Lazy mornings of sleeping in, especially on the weekends, are mandatory. 
After the Mr. & I groggily stumbled down the hallway, we all watched the little one open gifties. (A lava lamp? Coolest prezzie ever! Thank you Mimi & Papa!) And while the birthday child played & played, I made her favorite breakfast: waffles & bacon! 

(Oh, but I forgot to mention that Pazely awoke to a crepe paper surprise. Take a peek HERE. She didn't know what to do. She thought I was trapping her in her room. haha!)

During the morning, the Mr. took her out on a coffee date while my friend Susan came over with her tent &, after clearing away the dining table & chairs, we set up the 4-man monster. It is awesome!! We surprised Pazely when she returned home. She thought it was awesome too. (Our original idea was to camp out in the backyard & do the whole campfire dinner scene as well. But it is just TOO HOT these days. We have ever only camped once in our family lifetime. So the girls were beyond giddy at the REAL tent in our house! I wanted to camp inside with them, but I was booted out. *insert pouty face*)

In the afternoon we skidaddled into town. This meant a 40 minute drive. In 102 degree weather. Without air conditioning. UGH!!!! We saw the movie "Brave". Loved it! And the Pixar short before the film? Loved it even more! 
After the movie, we returned home for Pazely's dinner of choice: taco salad & orange cream sodas. Oh, & our second helping of cupcakes for the day. Triple chocolate fudge cakes with triple chocolate fudge frosting, AND chocolate chips sprinkled on top. (Pazely's choice.)

Then the girls got ready for their indoor camping adventure. With only 6 1/2 hours of sleep in their fuel tank, they were basically running on fumes. And zonking was in their very near future. (And mine as well.)

 The evening ended with stories read from The Little House series.
And some creepy shadow faces.

I hugged my new 8 year old goodnight as she whispered in my ear, "It was a great day..."


  1. Isn't that the best thing you can hear coming from your child? :)

  2. What a great day! My birthday was June 28!!! It sounds like a great day of fun and happiness!

    We are having a heat wave here too so I'm at the local Starbucks (air conditioning) catching up on my fav blogs.


  3. That is so sweet! It is indeed a very great day. Nice post.

  4. Great day! I loved Brave too. I'm going to make Olivia watch it again when she's a teenager. Just as a friendly reminder about how to treat her mom....


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