Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 8: Glowing Mt. Dew

Is THIS Mt. Dew Glow-in-the-dark experiment a hoax? Yes.
(The video shows that when you mix Mt. Dew + hydrogen peroxide + baking soda, then shake it all up, it'll GLOW!)
The girls & I tried it & it didn't work. THEN, I started googling & saw that it was definitely a hoax.
View THIS link to see what REALLY happens when you mix those 3 ingredients.

Should I have been smart enough to know that it wouldn't glow? Maybe.
(It first hit the internet about 5 years ago! Where have I been?)
Did the fellas who made the video spell the word"Mountain" wrong in their list of ingredients?
Is there a slight editing glip in the video at 29 seconds?
Yes. (Possibly when they slipped some sort of glow solution into the Mt. Dew?)
And here's what my 9 year old daughter has to say to
the Mt. Dew hoaxer: 
"Thanks for the false facts, GUY!"


  1. THANK YOU for busting out the truth, you little Myth-busting Misses! Now I will not make a fool of myself in front of my children... ;0)

  2. We tried this same experiment at one of my son's sleepovers... needless to say, BIG disappointment, especially after the hype & "waiting til dark". Oh well, at least we had other activities planned. Lesson learned for sure

  3. Oh I know! I think that's what was so sad about it all: the girls & I waited ALL day & ALL night until it was dark. We even tried it 4 times. haha!


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