Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 9: Mud Pies

 Not only did it rain today, but the tornado siren sounded! That's always exciting. But we found out it was a false alarm–a malfunction of sorts. So, I stopped scanning the horizon for funnel shaped clouds.

It was evening when the girls went out to play, much darker than most of the pictures show.
We even saw a rainbow in the sky. (A fun backdrop to some messy good times!)
Pazely gathered blossoms from a neighbors yard that fell off a tree to decorate her pies with.
And at one point both girls were at the far end of the street scooping up what they called Jello Mud. Thus named because Pazely said, "It jiggles like Jello!"

Mud pies are such a basic form of play. Entertainment at its simplest.
Summer was made for makin' mud pies.
Enjoy our mud pie scrapbook...

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