Saturday, July 21, 2012


Teaching Susan about jumpy photos for the first time, near Chimney Rock.
Well, our time here in good ole Bridgeport, small-town Nebraska is coming to an end. 2 years & 8 months has flown by. But I feel peaceful & ready. It really is bittersweet. I am having a hard time even being around my Susan friend these last few days. It is so depressing thinking of leaving her. I've had many tears already. Though I don't express it on the blog (simply because I don't express it in "real life" either), I have had a very lonely & & tear-filled time in Nebraska. I miss my family terribly. I hope, upon hope, that someday I can return "home", nearer to where my parents & grandmother & sisters & brothers & nephews & nieces are. But more than that, I am anxious for my girls to grow up around family. But that's not to be. Yet anyway.

When we arrived to the Panhandle of Nebraska almost 3 years ago, we had a job to do at the little church next door. During the Mr's first pastorate here, we had no idea what to expect. And it has been a ride full of extreme lows & exhilarating highs. I wouldn't change a thing. It is the hardships that make us stronger, & more ready for the next leg in our journey. We helped create a healthy atmosphere & a solid foundation in our church. We are excited about what good things are in store for them, & this community. We are also excited about what things are in store for us. We will be going to help out another church, in North Platte, NE—just two+ hours away from here—for the next year. After that? We're not sure. But we do know that we aim to fill the hearts of the people with hope & set them on a course for joy. The Mr. & I currently joke that we are "The Church Whisperers". We didn't intend to have a sort of ministry where we enter a fragile situation (or one debilitated by control & power), dive into the middle of it all & help turn it around for good. It's just turned out that way. At least for now anyway. I'm looking more at the Mr's drive & intensity, combined with my mellowness & reserve, as more of a perfect combo than an annoyance & a clash. (Sometimes the fact that we are SO opposite drives me nuts though!) I've been so honored to be in a situation where I have gotten to see the Mr grow in his talents & watch his personality thrive, looking on as God shapes him for the future. I am thrilled that in his next role as pastor he gets to go, full-throttle. Without inhibition or restraint.
It's a partnership. I'm seeing that more than ever. He can stand in the midst of the conflict. Because that's what he does best. While I stand in the background for moral support. Because that's what I do best.

My girls are a little hesitant to the move. They are watching their parents to know how to react. The uncertainty of what's next has thrown them for a loop. But I need to teach them that the unknown brings about amazing & bewildering things along the way. And I need to keep reminding myself of this too.

I will miss Susan. I will miss the late Monday night silliness at my newspaper job. I will miss the loud trains & the way my couch shakes when they pass by. I will miss the stinky cows. (Believe it or not.) I will miss the amazing landscape---where land & sky are always between here & there. I will miss the farmers & ranchers.  (I still need to get some cowboy boots.) I will miss getting to say I live in a small town. (Living in a small town is very different living. Unless you've lived in one, you really have no clue.) I will miss the regularly scheduled tornado sirens. (Or is that a normal thing all over Nebraska?) I will miss being so close to all that is essential, without the distraction of the excessive frills. (Although, I have fasted from thrift stores & antique malls & crafty shops long enough.) I will miss the adventures I've had. 

I look forward to coffee shops. I look forward to not having to travel, round-trip, almost an hour & a half to go to Walmart. I look forward to a new place to scope out. I look forward to seeing my parents & grandma for a visit when they come just a few weeks after we arrive! I look forward to thrift stores & antique malls & crafty shops! (Oh my!) I look forward to a STARBUCK'S!!! I look forward to homeless people. (I saw one when we visited a few weeks ago & I was so excited! Is that weird or what?) I look forward to setting up a new home. (We move August 6th.) I look forward to local grocery stores stocked with all the edibles & fresh ingredients I can imagine! (Having to choose between the least squishy cucumber of the bunch gets rather depressing.) I look forward to how much closer my family will grow together. I look forward to new backdrops for jumpy photos. I look forward to new adventures.


  1. Good luck with the move. We moved (exactly 2 yearsa go today) and i hear you on the lonely and teary thing. Even still, the idea of moving AGAIN would be horrifying. I wish for you fabulous new adventures and lots of peace and joy.

  2. Oh wow- what excitingly-crazy-get-your-blood-pumping news! I look forward to reading all about your new adventures...

  3. God bless you and the joy past and future you exude. I love teading your blog, catchingbup on whatvyou andcthecgirlscare up to. Good luck with the move, happy days are here to come. Roberta xx

  4. Sounds like you have a wonderful partnership,makes all the difference when you are away from family.Good luck with the move.

  5. Good luck with your move. Look forward to reading of your adventures. Your blog is always great readings. The ups and downs. Keeping it real

    Cheers Rika from Darwin Australia

  6. Wow, I remember your move 2.8 years ago and it did fly by! You are very brave and very strong. Sending prayers for an uneventful move!!

    Laurie from the East
    (sounds exotic, doesn't it?)


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