Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 37: A Drive in the Rain

I have said before that the Mr. is not necessarily the most spontaneous person on the planet. So, when he spouts off an R.S.A. (Random Spontaneous Action) (I just made that up), I jump on it FAST. Like today for instance.

Listening to the thunder & rain outside, & in between a break during a Hell's Kitchen marathon, he says, "Let's go for a drive in the rain!" So, we grabbed the girls (most of us were cozy in our jammies) & climbed into the van for a spin about the town.
The Mr. loves the puddles, let me tell you. He rode the edge of the streets, where most of the water accumulates, & sprayed it everywhere, like a champ. 

We drove down Main Street, all but a couple shops closed, looped around the Trading Post, & through neighborhood streets to the lakes. We saw campers taking cover in pickups. I even saw a long air mattress sticking out of a short tent. (Which made me giggle.) Jet skiers still jet skiing. And  swimmers still swimming. But mostly people waiting, shielded from the raindrops, on hold until the sun returned. And it did return, just moments later.
We saw beautiful golden leaves, some even turning red, clumped in masses, growing around the base of a tree here & there. 
And, of course, we began to see campers returning to their picnic benches, collapsible chairs & boats. 
Our drive in the rain was over.
Now we were just driving in the sunshine.

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