Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 39: Mail a Hug

 Mail someone a hug!
Found on Pinterest, with a link to Roots and Wings Co.
I grabbed some freezer paper & traced the girls with their arms spread wide open.

 I even traced around Pazely's pigtails which, I realize, look like badger tails.
I went the lazy route & didn't cut out around the tracing as suggested on the original blog.

 And Zoey asked me to not draw a head on hers, so she could doodle one herself. And she chose to make it look part alien/part cat.
We plan on mailing these to Mimi, Papa, & G.G. (My mom, dad & grandmother.) I just rolled them up & stuck them in a mailing tube.
I know they'll love the happy mail surprise from their faraway grandchildren/great-grandchildren.


  1. that's a really cute idea! i might steal it for my kids' grandparents in scotland :) thank you!

  2. LOVE that your kids also call their grandparents Mimi and Papa. Guess our family's not so different, after all! :)


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