Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 41: Coffee Filter Solar System

 I know I have already spoken about the library summer reading program before. But I can't help that I want to mention it as another fun thing for the summer! I love our library ladies. And I love our little library. And I love that they're a friendly place in this small spot on the map.
I'm so sad that next week is the last week of the program for summer! I've had fun tagging along & snapping photos for the newspaper & peeking at what the kids are doing.
This week the older kids made a solar system from coffee filters & permanent markers. Many of you may have already done this with kids, but I never have. It reminds me of THIS craft I've seen, which was done with permanent markers & rubbing alcohol. (A little different, but same concept.) Simply color a coffee filter & give it a few spritzes of water. (The secret is to not color the WHOLE coffee filter. Just splotches & dabs of color here-n-there.) And then the fun is watching the colors spread & touch & mix & blur.
The kids then cut the planets to the appropriate shape & slapped 'em on a piece of large paper with glue.

 Along with the theme this week, the kids played a game where they separated into teams & had to hunt around the library for paper clues—like the one hidden in the picture. Each team searched only for their color of clues. All the clues listed different facts about the solar system. When all 10 clues were found, the kids had to answer questions from the clues on a separate piece of paper.
And for snack? Milky Way candy bars of course!

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  1. My kids LOVEEEEEE the Summer Reading program! What a cute craft idea! My Girl Scout Brownies would really like this, I think, and we could tie it into a space badge. <3


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