Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 42: Felt Hair Bows

 I found a felt bow idea on pinterest HERE, but couldn't get a link for the how-to. I was hoping maybe there was a template for the pattern. So, I made up my own & omitted the tails on the bow. I didn't make this into a "how-to" tutorial because there are loads of  felt hair bow tutes on the web. Click HERE for a simple one. (Which shows you just need a rectangular piece of fabric & don't need to make it all oval-shaped & wobbly like mine.)

 I made most of them into ponytail holders. (I doubled up on the hair bands because I had some cheapy ones that are kind of weak & limp on their own.)

Pazely tested them out for me. Adorable! 
(And there are her bunny ears again. That child & her bunny ear obsession...)

 I decided to make some into hair pins. I had some sturdy "bobby pins" from a craft store in my supply stash & simply slid them on.

 Yep, these work too!


  1. My daughters are obsessed with making bunny ears too! Hilarious!

  2. Cute bows! They look so easy too!! :-)


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