Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 44: Word Art

I am in love with all the word art out there. Simple quotes. On simple backgrounds. As art.
And they're so easy to do yourself!
I used PicMonkey for all the projects in this post. (I don't have any fancy programs.) 
I made the ABC art by using a free background I found on flickr. But more about that later.

This quote is by Albert Einstein. Love that guy.

All you do to make your own art is this:
• Find a favorite quote.
• Find a favorite font.
• Find a favorite color or two or etc.
• Slap it all together.
(See how easy it is? You just find three things & then slap another.)

I also discovered a fun little source for free backgrounds: Flickr!
This cloud background is from flickr user moosebite, who has a whole set of free backgrounds for use. Of course you can use your own photos as backgrounds for word art too.
Flickr user melstampz has tons of backgrounds too. (I love her stuff!) I used one of her chevron backgrounds to create the alphabet poster in the first picture.
Just like this:

This next one is not word art, but I wanted to show how I used only part of a background (from flickr user Vectorportal) to make this digital flyer for my youth group last month:

You could search for days finding free backgrounds on flickr. Most of the time you can use the free backgrounds for non-commercial use & just give them a mention. But be sure to take note of each artist's requirements when it comes to using their free art.

I found this fun collage on the flickr group Absolutely Free Collage Sheets.
There's so much awesomeness out there, it's overwhelming!

So, create some word art, print them out & tack them up for inspiration.

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  1. Cute word art, Nikki! And thank you for all the links to cool backgrounds!


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