Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Summer Diary: Day 53: Evening Playdate

I love getting text messages like this from my friend Susan: "Do my girls want to go kayaking?"
Um, YES they do! It really didn't matter what she asked them to do. They'd do it.
Susan is my adventure pal, my happy co-hort, my knitting bestie, my "I could hang out with you 24/7" kind of friend. And I think my girls feel the same about her as well. In fact, when the 4 of us are together, my girls & I talk over each other, vying for Susan's attention. (I'm mature like that.)

So, at 7:30 last night the girls took a little kayak trip.
And then they tried to find a geocache, but it was fairly dark & the tree housing the cache was rather protective of its treasure. So it was a dud find.
Then Pazely caught a toad. And then the toad had a potty accident all over Pazely & Susan's toes.
And then they played with clay.
And then it was 10:30 & they came home.
And all the while, Susan was posting pictures on facebook so I could enjoy along with them.

 My munchkins on playdates with my grown-up friend makes my heart all giddy.
Next it's my turn!

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